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January 18, 2021

Think Plan Do – Overview

This program presents a raw and honest summary of frameworks and tools that the author has found useful and relevant in his own life.  Think of it as a toolkit to help you become more successful in life.

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Background of  Think Plan Do

Think Plan Do itself is a framework.  Any successful person needs to know what they would like to achieve (Think), have a strategy (Plan), and then execute (Do).  Execution of one’s plan is often hard work. Usually, the harder the execution, the more valuable the goal.

Each Topic has a short Video and a Life Task.

We suggest you view the video a number of times to let some of the new concepts sink in. Not all ideas presented here may be relevant to you, but you should embrace the ones that are.

We ask that you attempt the Life Tasks provided in the main Topics, even if you just spend a few minutes thinking about each of the questions.   It will also be appreciated if you could add comments in the sections provided, giving us your own perspective or providing feedback on other member’s comments.

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