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July 15, 2020

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Thought of the Day # 2

Sometimes we need to step out of our shoes to see what is really happening to us.


Thought of the day # 9

Sometimes we give up too quickly when we get to the end of our first wind before realising that we have a second wind within us that could have taken us a lot further. Athletes would know this.  They realise that for the body to improve and be able to achieve more – that you […]


Thought of the day # 7

Give some time, energy, resources, back to the community. There are some who believe that everything in the world is connected.  I believe that the world is full of opportunities and energy that is available to anyone that knows how to tap into this pool ! The secret ?  There are probably as many as […]


Thought of the day # 6

Take time to out reflect on the good things in your life. On the one hand, we set ourselves lofty goals in our lives.  To achieve these goals we tend to put our heads down and focus on the jobs at hand :  our careers, our children, our assets, our relationships. The problem is, we […]


Thought of the Day # 3

Sometimes it pays to listen to other people’s advice, especially if they have been in your shoes before.


Thought of the day # 5

Your mind is like a sponge.  When it is full, it can’t take any more. We have often heard this,  especially when it comes to the minds of young people. Our minds have the ability to absorb countless ideas, thoughts, words, behaviours, etc…. But, what happens when our minds fill up ?  A sponge will […]


Thought of the Day # 4

Slow down, make some quiet time for yourself. Be ready to listen to the voice within you.


Thought of the day # 1

Sometimes, we need to climb the small mountains to see the big ones.

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