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July 15, 2020

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Thought of the day # 39

Learn lots, Be good, Have fun ! This one if a favourite of mine – I would even go as far as saying that this represents  my philosphy on life ! It covers three important aspects of who we are as people, as humans : We are blessed with the ability to improve oursolves, to […]


Thought of the day # 38

Practice makes perfect. If we do something often enough, we get better at it – in fact, we get to be very good at it. The problem is, the things that we do often, that we repeat, are both good and bad things.  This tip simply reminds us that if we want to be good […]


Thought of the day # 29

The creepy crawly moves very slowly, but eventually, covers the whole pool. A lesson in life that many have shared before me.  An old one but a goody : ‘Rome was not built in a day !’ or how about : A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step ! However, in today’s […]


Thought of the day # 36

Do the things that set you in fire. Expanding on Thought of the day # 31 (Live life with Passion) – this one offers an insight into what might be possible for you. There are people out there that do things because it gives them such as kick, such a thrill – it sets them […]


Thought of the day # 33

Be true to thine self ! It was Polonius, the Shakespeare character in Hamlet, that said : This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. This was as true in the 16th century as it is […]


Thought of the day # 22

Helping a stranger is a good thing, because one day a strange may help you ! In today’s world we seem to have become so busy, so involved in our own lives, that we seem to not want to get involved in what ever is happening around us. We don’t greet strangers in the street […]


Thought of the day # 31

Live life with passion ! One of my favourites – although I am often guilty of forgeting this. It is not that difficult.  Immerse yourself into everythink that you do. Commit yourself.  Find everything that you do interesting ! And you will find that magic happens ! Others will notice you.  They will notice your […]


Thought of the day # 18

If there is a plan, what is your role ? Whether you believe in predestination, or if you are master of you own destiny – it doesn’t matter. Let’s look at it from the first perspective – pre destination.  If there is a plan for everything – what is your role ?  I know that […]


Thought of the day # 14

Define who you are, by your actions. We often dream of improving ourselves.  Of achieving specific things.  At the end of your lives, we look back, and say to ourselves : what went wrong ? I derived this tip from a colleague of mine over 20 years ago.  His marriage had broken down.  He was […]


Thought of the day # 8

If you are ever faced with a seemingly impossible challenge, remember, that someone else has probably faced the same.  And succeeded. Sometimes we feel that the weight of the world is upon us.  On reflection, perhaps this is because we are feeling low on energy, low in spirit.    If we can rest, replenish our spirits, […]

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