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July 15, 2020

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Thought of the day # 1

Sometimes, we need to climb the small mountains to see the big ones.


Jumping out of a plane is not easy

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Interesting short story about the time I jumped out of a plane. One learns that there are always lessons to be learned from the difficult things we do in life !


Life was not meant to be easy

Life was not meant to be easy. If it was easy, it would have no meaning. Share your story about the times when you thought you were the only one going through a tough period !


Habits – foundation for success and failure ?

Habits – foundation for success or failure ?


Pain Barriers – good or bad ?

Understanding why pain can be a good thing – helps us adapt, grow, reach our potential.


How low can you go ?

How do you know when you reach the bottom ? How bad can things really get before you realise that the only way is up ? Some people don’t have an issue with these questions.  For others, it is a daily struggle.  Be it with a gambling problem, a drinking habit, being overweight, anger management, […]


Announcing a new Facebook Page

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  We have created a new Facebook page and will link this Successful Thinking web site and some of this content to that page. For these posts and more on Successful Thinking, please join our Community on Life Solutions.


Where do you draw the line ?

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The other day I was discussing getting some chores done with my teenage daughters.  Specifically, I was asking them to do some work around the yard.  More specifically, I wanted them to do some weeding !  (we have a lot of weeds on our bush acreage). The answer I got was – No thanks !  […]


Welcome to Successful Thinking

This web site will be where I post a range of entries that comment on the topic : Successful Thinking.  Starting in December 2011 – I intend on creating a relationship with many interested folks from all over the world. Key themes in my posts will always be around using your mind to think your […]

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