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January 18, 2021

Vision Strength Reality

Vision Strength Reality is one of the frameworks that you learn about in the Think Plan Do program.

Vision Strength Reality framework

Vision Strength Reality is a core framework of the Think Plan Do philosophy.

Vision refers to knowing your purpose in life.  For some people, this is easy.  They know from an early age what they will do with their lives.  For others, this is not so easy, and may take a lifetime to find out.

Strength refers to the knowledge, skills, abilities (and weaknesses) required to achieve your vision.  Some visions may require a lifelong journey to develop and acquire the necessary strength .

Reality refers to regular reviews along your life’s journey – asking questions such as : am I on track ?  Do I have what it takes to achieve my life’s ambitions ?  Do I have the right knowledge / skills ?

In essence, this framework is asking three questions :

  1. do you know what you want to achieve in life ?
  2. do you have the knowledge / skills to achieve this ambition ?
  3. are you on track ?

Can you answer these questions ?


As an aside, the Vision Strength Reality framework is depicted as part of the Plan stage of the Think Plan Do framework.  In life, we constantly move between Think, Plan and Do. Vision Strength Reality is therefore a subset of the Plan stage.  In essence, what the Think Plan Do philosophy is advocating is don’t spend all of your life in the Do stage.  Take time out to Plan (ie, review your Vision, your Strengths, and your Reality).


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