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January 18, 2021

Thought of the day # 45

Good things come to those who are the most patient.

ST Thought of the Day 45

Our society seems to have lost the art of patience.  In nature, we observe that it takes time for change to take effect.  There are no instant creations.  Sure, if we fast forward time by millions of years, we can see an accelerated effect.

If we lived for millions of years……. but we don’t.  We will be lucky to live beyond 80 years.

Such a short time.  But this is no excuse to expect, rely, bet on instant results, instant success !  Those who subscribe to this approach will most likely reach 80 and still be waiting for that lottery win, that elusive job offer !.

Instead, we need to learn to be more patient.  To understand that good things can take time.  That we need to be more persistent and perhaps at time more resilient.

One more thing.  Don’t confuse Luck with Hard Work.  Some people think that others have all the Luck.  But the Lucky ones know that they have worked hard to deserve their rewards.  The Lucky ones know about being Patient.


What do you think ?  Do you have any examples of being patient ?





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