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January 18, 2021

Think Plan Do – A Life Program

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The idea of defining a lifetime ambition, planning it, and achieving it,  is very good – but most people would find it difficult to do this.  Most people would struggle to even identify any audacious goals for themselves.  We no longer dare to dream big.

This program Think Plan Do provides a high level introduction to the successful thinking philosophy.   It introduces Frameworks and Tools to help with motivation and the development of ideas.  It also allows members to share and discuss their thoughts with each other.

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Who is this program for ?
This program is for people who are wanting to define themselves – by building a vision, creating a plan and setting themselves a roadmap for success.

Program Topics

Topic 1: Introduction to Think Plan Do
Topic 2: Successful Thinking
Topic 3: Successful Planning
Topic 4: Successful Doing
Topic 5: Think Plan Do Summary


Members will learn about the Think-Plan-Do Frameworks and Tools which helps them with goal setting, planning and execution.

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Click here to become a member.  Why join ?

Life Solutions Online hosts a number of communities – including the Successful Thinking community.

Life Programs are designed for learning and growth and are available to members in selected communities.

Communities on Life Solutions are places where members share and contribute information that is specific, relevant and helpful to other members – in a caring and supportive fashion.

You are invited to join this community.  It is free.

And most importantly, you will learn new things, you will contribute to other members well being, and you will feel good about doing this.


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