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July 15, 2020

Thought of the day # 37

Once you know something, it seems to easy !

ST Thought of the Day 37

Life is like that.  We tell ourselves : I’d wish I’d known !  Had I known, things would have been different ?

The question then is  – what are you doing to ‘know’ the things that you do not know ?  What are you doing to learn more about things , every day ?

It may be hard, or difficult, or take a lot of effort.

So, what are you doing to

  • learn more about finances or the law ?
  • get that better mark in that exam ?
  • get that promotion ?
  • learn about your history or other cultures ?
  • be a better person ?
  • do to find out what you don’t know ?

’cause remember : Once you know, it all seems to easy !


What do you think ?  Are you learning about things that are making your life easier ?




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