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July 15, 2020

Thought of the day # 13

Life is too short to be angry, depressed.  Or sad.  Or dissappointed.

ST Thought of the Day 13

We have all been given a special opportunity in our lifetimes to make a difference.  To do the best we can.  To perhaps right some wrongs.

So I say.  Don’t waste your precious time being angry, or getting depressed.  Wake yourself up, dig yourself out of that hole.  Learn to be positive, to be an optimist !

The energies required for a negative or a positive option are similar, but one lifts you up – the other drags you down.  MAKE A CHOICE !  Don’t just let your life flow into those dark spaces where is it hard to get out of.

MAKE A CHOICE to do something positive, something constructive.

And soon enough, you will realise that there is NO time for being sad, or depressed, or angry.


What do you think ?  Have you ever felt sad , angry, depressed and been able to consciously make a choice to be more positive ?


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