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July 15, 2020

Thought of the day # 9

Sometimes we give up too quickly when we get to the end of our first wind before realising that we have a second wind within us that could have taken us a lot further.

Second Wind

Second Wind

Athletes would know this.  They realise that for the body to improve and be able to achieve more – that you have to push through your known limits and test the unknown.

By doing this, you will grow.  Improve.  Achieve more.

But, how about non athletes ?  Do we give up at the first obstacle and claim the task too difficult ? How do we learn to ignore a little pain and push on to test our limits ?

As long as you are not doing any damage, I believe that it is healthy to push yourself beyond your accepted limits.  Beyond your first wind.

And I guarantee you – that you will be surprised by what you are really capable of.


Have you learned to go past your first wind ?  Please share your thoughts and stories.



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