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July 15, 2020

Thought of the day # 6

Take time to out reflect on the good things in your life.

On the one hand, we set ourselves lofty goals in our lives.  To achieve these goals we tend to put our heads down and focus on the jobs at hand :  our careers, our children, our assets, our relationships.

Take some time to reflect on the good things in your life.The problem is, we don’t always know when to stop.

Stop.  Take a break.  Smell the roses.  Reflect on where we are in our journey.

A mistake many of us make is that we put their heads down – work so hard to achieve what we set out to achieve – that when we get to where we thought we wanted to be – that we don’t really want to be there.

Or, that we have lost the things that were the reason why we were working so hard for in the first place.

Our partners.  Our children.  Our homes.

In the IT world – there are two approaches to working on a major project :  the Waterfall method and the Agile method.

The Waterfall method assumes that you define ALL requirements up front and the project team delivers them as per the requirements.  Until all requirements are completed, the project is not a success.

The Agile approach involves regular discussion with the ‘client’ and an inteaction that helps define and re define what the client’s needs are.  As with many projects in IT, requirements and other factors tend to change quickly.

Perhaps we should take a more Agile approach in our lives.

Stop, meet regularly with our families, and take note of how everyone is feeling, how everyone is travelling on their journeys.  Don’t leave anyone behind.

Perhaps with this approach we will get to the end of our journeys and say to ourselves : Wow, that was an adventure, a wild ride, and a lot of fun !

…. as opposed to : Wow, I’m at the end of my journey, but where am I ?


What do you think ?  Have you ever slowed down to reflect on the good things in your life ?



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