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January 18, 2021

Thought of the Day # 3

In this modern world, we sometimes do not have the luxury of developing skills and knowledge to enable us to make all the decisions that we have to make in our lives.

I fear that the younger generations seem to believe that taking advice / guidance from their parents or their elders is an ‘optional’ choice.  Kids think they know better.  Taking the advice from your parents is not a cool thing to do anymore.  Was it ever ?

It is a good idea to approach a range of people that we trust and to ask for their advice.

I realise that we often like to think that we know more, that we are better, than others.  That we have the answer.

Sometimes it could be to your benefit to ask for advice, instead of relying on your own knowledge / experience /devices to get your out of trouble.


What do you think ?    Have you ever reached out and asked for advice from someone you trusted ?

One Response to “Thought of the Day # 3”

  1. John B Schilt | January 16, 2013 at 8:45 am

    What about taking your own advice ! Deep down, we have the answers . . . we know what to do . . . but we don’t do it . . . why ?

    Have we become so disjointed that we have stopped trusting ourselves !

    Two classic scenarions :
    – smoking … kills you . . .so why do you smoke ?
    – you’re overweight, unfit … need to lose weight . . . so why do you continue to eat rubbish !

    I don’t know why we do this . . . but if I had time to think about it – I am sure that I could figure it out. Perhaps the secret to life is time ?

    Slow down, spend some time to catch up with yourself. Learn to trust yourself. Solve the world’s problems (maybe not) . . . but look at yourself and be critical ! Now, form a plan, and start executing !

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