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July 15, 2020

Thought of the Day # 4

Our society seems to have ‘sped up’.  Everything is getting bigger, better, more, fuller, noisier.  Expectations are higher.

We will get to a stage where we will lose hope.  We will not be able to bridge the gap between what is expected from us and with what we believe that we can achieve.  And then we will give up.

What to do ?

How about taking a break from life ?  Get out of your own busy life, your own ‘rat race’ for a while.   Slow down.  Really.  Slow down.

After a while, you will discover new things.  You will notice small details – you will be able to ‘smell the roses’, hear the sounds you haven’t heard before.

You will also hear your own voice within you.  Listen to yourself.

What do you think ?  Have you had any experience in ‘slowing down’ and smelling the roses ?  Any advice for folks that have trouble slowing down ?

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